minecraft short story

GellertTheGreat156 woke up on a rainy day in the world of minecraft. He just logged into his server and started playing. GellertTheGreat156 was a very good minecraft player but he lost his house, his diamonds, his livestock, and all his other valuable stuff. Now, he was just a beginner with nothing but himself. So he thought, what is the use of playing on this server anymore? So then he logged off of his server and created a new world. Then a warning popped up on his screen and said: WARNING!! IF YOU CREATE A NEW WORLD IT WILL MAKE PROBLEMS ON YOUR COMPUTER ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS? Gellert said “yes” and he logged into his world. When he logged in he said “hey! I don’t see why this is so bad? As he said that his minecraft world glitched and he
Got sucked into his world. He knew this, however, and started screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” He screamed. “I got sucked into this minecraft world!!! “ I’m in Hardcore world as well!!!” “HARDCORE MODE IS WHEN YOU DIE IN MINERAFT, YOU DIE IN REAL LIFE!!! Wait, that can’t be correct, nevermind, “ahem.. WHEN YOU DIE IN MINECRAFT YOUR WORLD GETS DELETED!!!!!!!” “but since I got sucked into this dimension, if I die, then I die!!!” “wait, it’s almost dark!” “I haven’t got any time to build a house!” He gathered some dirt to cover himself and he was all set for the night.
Gellert stayed up all night and today he was ready to go on a adventure. “I need to get some wood.” Gellert went to punch a tree. After he got 7 pieces of wood, he turned the wood all into planks. With the planks, he got a crafting table and made a wooden hoe, a wooden axe, and a wooden pickaxe. He went to a mountain and mined some stone, and he made a stone axe, a stone shovel, and a stone hoe. “Im going to go find a village.” He was traveling till noon, and he finally he found a village.”Yesssss!” He said. “I finally found a village!” He went to the hay bales that were in the village and got them with his hoe. He turned them into wheat, then into bread. “I’ve got a full stack of bread!”After he got his bread, He went to the village cleric, and he looked at his trades, and saw 32 sticks for 1 emerald. He went to chop down some trees, and after he was done, He had 3 stacks of oak wood and he had 192 oak logs. Then he turned all of those logs into planks, and he got 768 pieces of oak planks. He turned all of those into sticks and he got 384 sticks. He traded those sticks for emeralds and he got 32 emeralds. “Wow” he said. “I’ve got a lot of emeralds!” He went to the armorer and gave him 12 of his emeralds and he gave him a diamond chestplate. He gave him 7 more and he got diamond leggings. He still had 13 emeralds left so he went to the librarian and checked his trades. He had a protection 4 book. It cost him 4 emeralds so he bought a protection 4 book. “Yessss” he said I’m going to Find some iron and make a helmet and some boots. But first before I do that, I’m heading to the iron golem. He run up to the golem, and he hit it. Then he ran away and he stacked up 3 blocks and started hitting the iron golem. It took about 5 hits with a stone axe and the golem died. “Yeah!” “I killed the golem and I got 5 iron ingots!” With those 5 ingots, he made a iron pickaxe and he made a iron sword. “Welp.” He said. “Time to go mining! Gellert was heading to a mountain so he could build a mineshaft for himself. He cleared up a space in the mountain for a furnace, a crafting table, and a bed that he found from a village. He pulled out his map and said “So… you can only find diamonds and Y coordinate 12” At the top of his map it said his coordinates. He looked at his map and dug down to Y coordinate 0. (Which is bedrock level.) Then he went up 12 spaces and it said Y coordinate 12. He closed down the space below him and dug a big round area for his base. Then he dug 5 holes in the wall and started digging through each one of them.He went back up the staircase and he brought about 12 iron with him. He started smelting the iron ores with the oak logs that he got. While the iron was smelting, he went to find a cave, and he found coal in it. When he got back with the coal the iron was done. He made an iron axe, and made helmet and boots along with the axe. He went back down to his diamond finding base. TO BE CONTINUED…

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