Leah's school

So, Leah vava started going to a Stepping stone School, w/ is a daycare plus mini montessory school from October 2008. Me, my mom & Leah vava, ‘d visited the school a couple of times before my mom left for India & she was busy saying Hi & Bye to the lil kids & teachers at school during the course of her short visits to the school. On the morning of October 1st, 2008, I took Leah to the school, planning on letting her stay in the class room for a couple of hours. While we were there in her assigned classroom named "Halo", the two teachers in charge of the room were setting the table for lunch. All the toddlers were seated in their assigned lil chairs & lunch was being served. Eventhough Leah did not’ve an assigned place yet, she was also given a lil wooden chair & she sat on the chair w/o much hype, to my surprise. I assume that she was totally baffled by the new surroundings & all those lil kids. Well…I thought, now is the time to step out of the room & see how she handles the new environment. So, I started backing out of the room..when Leah let out a big cry "Ammmmaaa" & big tears started rolling down her cheeks. She couldnt get out of her chair as her safety belt was on. Seeing my lil girl soo helpless, I started to cry too & dropped the decision to let her stay in the room that day & took off w/ her back to our home. Since then, it was always Sajuchayan who dropped her off daily at the daycare; until today morning, when I ventured back to her school. Leah’s friends were all preparing for their nap when we got there at around 1130 AM & although she was a lil clingy initially, she went to her teacher. She cried a lil when I left; then, she was fine, when I looked into her classroom through the glass door. Per her teachers, she has a joyous time at school, w/ dancing to different songs, painting, listening to stories, playing in the backyard etc.

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