Tips for finding a good OBGYN in the US

  • Talk 2 ur friends first, and get the names of some good Ob’s in ur area.
  • Find out if the one recommended is on ur insurance plan (most important).
  • Ideally, ur OB and the hospital that she/he conducts deliveries should be w/i 30 min driving distance. For me, I wanted an all women OB group, as I’m not comfortable w/ the chance that a male OB might be on call when my baby decided to come out.
  • Also, try NOT to schedule induced delivery/ elective C-section before u’re at least 39 weeks pregnant, unless u’ve other complications that might ur OB wanna induce u sooner. For normal pregnancies, its best to carry your baby all the way to 40 weeks.
  • Also, try 2 pick an experienced OB, more so, if u’re ‘ving complications and might expect a difficult labor. Most of the OB’s nowadays, dont do vacuum extraction, as it can be damaging 2 baby’s brain. But, some do forceps extraction. And, a lot of the newer OB’s dont get enough training in forceps/vaccum during residency, as a lot of teaching hospitals dont encourage those & even if they do, they’ve d more experienced OB’s do the actual procedure, while the residents assist. But, even OB’s fresh out of residency are well trained in C-section; so, dont worry, if u’re gonna’ve an elective C- section. Again, 4 that matter, try not to go to a teaching hospital for ur delivery; but, if u’ve to, double check w/ ur OB that she or her partner will be present at the delivery.
  • Also, make sure tht ur OB doesnt ‘ve many malpractice claims against her. Go 2 & under the specific state medical boards, there’s a section for consumers to obtain information on all the docs licensed (BELIEVE ME!!! U WANNA MAKE SURE THT UR OB IS BOARD CERTIFIED TOO) in that particular state.
  • Most important of all, ur OB shuld be approachable & easy to get hold of during after hours and weekends, as u’re gonna ‘ve a lotta Qs and worries during even a totally normal pregnancy.

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