Family fotoshoot

I’ve always been a big fan of photography. I’ve always had a penchant for making sure that there are a good number of pictures of every little incident in our lives. Although Sajuchayan constantly mocks this tendency of mine, he’s, at most times, an enthusiastic photographer. Before Leah, we’d make sure that the tripod is available, to get both of us in at least a few of the pictures as well. But, not w/ Leah. She hasnt yet figured out that once the camera is on the tripod w/ the timer on, she’s supposed to look at the lens; not at our faces. So, we never are successful in getting a classic in-home-picture of the three of us, looking straight int the camera. We’ve had nice family portraits by professionals at Leah’s baptism, her first B’day & also nice pictures of the three of us taken by friends & family. But, I’ve always wanted a family portrait session at a studio. And, so, when we saw some amazing works by Ms. Teri Mason, who hails from Georgetown, we had (precisely, I had) to be there to get our pictures done too. So, we went to her ranch-cum-studio located just outside of Georgetown on a Saturday morning and spent an hour in her studio. Leah was a lil shy at first; but, she got over it pretty soon & started running around. Of course, she didnt do any of the poses that Teri had initially planned on; but, she did manage to get some real cute pictures of Leah as well as our family. Leah also had her first encounter w/ a big, haughty rooster on her ranch on that day.

Here are some of those images:

The link below will guide you to the page on Teri’s blog about our session.

Blog: Teri Mason Photography
Post: the D family – Austin Family Photographer

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